Silica Quartz

Silica, quartz, silicium dioxide, SiO2

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Chromite powder as green pigment.
Chromite sand for metallurgical / foundry

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Iron Oxide

Iron Oxide Powder - Fe2O3 Flour

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Quartz - Silica - SiO2

Chemistry: 99.8% SiO2, Low Fe2O3.
Size: from different types of powder to different types of sand.
Synonyms: quartz sand, quartz flour, quartz powder, silica sand, silica flour, silica powder, SiO2.
Characteristics: temperature resistant, chemical resistant, pH neutral, hardness 7 on Moh scale, white / off- white.
Industry: glass, glazes, ceramics abrasives, agricultural, building and construction, ceramics, civil engineering, consumer products, electronics, filtration, foundry or casting, metallurgical, oil and gas industry, paint and coatings, plastics, sports and leisure, refractory, rubber, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
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