Silica Quartz

Silica, quartz, silicium dioxide, SiO2

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Chromite powder as green pigment.
Chromite sand for metallurgical / foundry

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Iron Oxide

Iron Oxide Powder - Fe2O3 Flour

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Quartz - Silica Sand low iron

Chemistry: 99.8% SiO2, 0.007% Fe2O3.
Grain size: various types from D50 value of 100 microns up to D50 value of 300 microns.
Characteristics: hard, sub-angular, pH-neutral, chemical resistant, temperature resistant, white.
Industry: highly transparent glass, glaze, frits, laboratory glass, solar glass tube, crystal glass, TFT glass, LCD glass, low iron glass, high transparent glass, water glass, silica, pharmaceutical.
Synonyms: silica sand, silica, quartz sand, quartz, glass sand, low iron silica sand, high purity quartz sand.
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