Silica Quartz

Silica, quartz, silicium dioxide, SiO2

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Chromite powder as green pigment.
Chromite sand for metallurgical / foundry

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Iron Oxide

Iron Oxide Powder - Fe2O3 Flour

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Silica Sand - Quartz Sand

Chemistry: > 99,6% SiO2
Grain size: various types from D50: 100 microns up to D50: 300 microns, 0,4-0,8mm up to 1-2mm, 20/40 mesh up to 16/30 mesh.
Characteristics: hardness 7 on Moh scale, sub-angular or rounded-off grain shape, pH-neutral, chemical resistant, temperature resistant, off-white.
Industries: abrasives, building products, ceramics, chemical, civil engineering, consumer products, electronics, energy, filler, filtration, foundry, glass, metallurgical, paint, coatings, pharmaceutical, plastics, refractory, rubber, sports & leisure.
Synonyms: silica sand, quartz sand, quartz, glass sand, low iron silica sand, high purity quartz sand, frac sand, filter sand, foundry sand, casting sand, beach volley sand, beach soccer sand, bunker sand, equestrian sand, top dress sand.
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