Silica Quartz

Silica, quartz, silicium dioxide, SiO2

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Chromite powder as green pigment.
Chromite sand for metallurgical / foundry

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Iron Oxide

Iron Oxide Powder - Fe2O3 Flour

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Quartz - Chromite - Iron Oxide

STYNEN Minerals BV is a supplier-trader of industrial minerals and raw materials used in various industries. In addition we offer services like customized packaging, optimization in handling, mixing, logistics and/or storage.
Industries into which our industrial minerals and raw materials are supplied include: Abrasives - Building products - Ceramics - Chemicals - Civil engineering - Coatings - Consumer products - Electronics - Energy - Oil & Gas - Filler - Filtration - Foundry - Glass - Metallurgical - Paint - Pharmaceutical - Plastics - Refractory - Rubber - Sports & Leisure.
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Also we contribute to sustainability by taking on the challenge of indentifying a valuable consistency in waste or by-product generated by industry turning it around and creating a new raw material.


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